The Sleeping Prince

Dreaming Prince cover.jpg

A young teen boy named Jasper has dreams about fighting his internal fears about societal expectations in the form of evil toys. His feminine expression comes as a personal avatar dressed as a pink prince with a heart crest. Each dream uncovers a part of himself that he tries to lock away.

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The Traveling Princess

An adventure story based on the folklore of the Magic Painter, a boy was gifted with a magic calligraphy brush which could bring paintings to life. He is pulled into an adventure with an ambitious princess who wants to travel to the enchanting world of the Afterlife to find her lost sibling.

Genre: Folklore fantasy

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The Lucky Qilin

Coming of age story about a young Qilin named YuJin who is adopted by Master Lan, the leader of a mountain village. He has always felt different from the other children, as he is born with four legs while they walk on two legs. YuJin wants to find what his life's purpose is meant to be?

Genre: Fantasy, coming of age