The Traveling Princess

Princess Hui Ying is the youngest princess of the Pink Lotus Palace. One day, she was granted permission by her mentor, to travel the country with Dumpling; her large lion dog. Hui Ying was trained in sword fighting but has yet to perfect her archery skills. Three months ago, Hui Ren was reported to have been spirited away to the Mountains of 8 Beast Deities and have not returned since. She travels to the town where Ma Liang the fabled magic painter lives. She persuades Liang to follow her on the journey as he is the only painter whose magic can seal monsters into his papyrus scrolls. Will the two children find the missing princess?

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The Lucky Qilin

Coming of age story about a young Qilin named YuJin who is adopted by Master Lan, the leader of a mountain village. He has always felt different from the other children, as he is born with four legs while they walk on two legs. YuJin wants to find what his life's purpose is meant to be?

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