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Sarah Lau


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About Me

Sarah is a storyteller who uses visual illustrations for different themes and messages. At a young age, she was a self-taught artist and drew her first comics during middle school. After the difficult journey of self exploration, she continues in graphic novel art and pursuing an interest in independant game designs.


She is currently at Seneca Independant Illustration program. 

My Skills
My work experience

Freelance Illustrator 

I was hired as a picture book artist for various pitch projects such as Fuzzy Fox and the Berry Pie, coloring books and done my own self published zines.


(2017) Hired as lead illustrator for 'When I grow up' by Anita from Frisenpress.

(2011) Debuted in Singapore's ComixMag digital series.

Comic Cartoonist | Book designer

I specialise in producing marker illustrations and watercolor art pieces. I sell them at various booths such as Toronto Comics Art Festival, Canzine and create my own comics. I have experience working in collaboration teams.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Clip Studio Paint

Watercolor painting

Junior Graphic designer

I studied at Centennial college, graduated with a graphic design diploma. It has help me gain a visual eye for logo, text placements and border designs for my illustrations. I have designed for web, magazine articles.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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